Article Review - Kyritsis et al (2016)

Kyritsis et al (2016) Likelihood of ACL graft rupture: not meeting six clinical discharge criteria before return to sport is associated with a four times greater risk of rupture


  • For every 10% loss of HS/Quads ratio = 10.6 x likelihood of graft rupture  

  • This ratio is increased if quadriceps strength is not fully regained to pre operative level

  • Meeting the 6 criteria - 116 athletes Discharged (73%) – (12/116 had a graft rupture) =  10%

  • Not meeting criteria - 42 athletes  Non discharged (27%)  (14/42 had a graft rupture)  = 33%

  • Overall 4 x greater risk of re rupture if not meeting 6 return to sport (RTS) criteria

  • Limitations -  Only included males – thus these numbers could be significantly greater if extrapolate to include females whom have a higher risk factors

  • Only professional athletes were included. Therefore a higher level of rehabilitation than for example the general public as they have a) the time and b) access to the resources

  • No neuromuscular control or movement analysis was undertaken

  • This shows that it is imperative to have a non-biased RTS test to decrease your likelihood of graft rupture