Article Review - Frobell et al (2010)

Frobell et al (2010) - Early ACL Reco + Rehabilitation compared to  Rehabilitation +Delayed ACL Reco if required (2 and 5 year follow up)


  • 120 patients between -18-35 yrs  (Sub elite, recreational athletes) 
  • OUTCOME - Early ACLR and Rehab NOT superior to Rehab and Delayed ACLR (if required) at 2 and 5 years for KOOS (a questionnaire that compares pain, function in sport and recreation and knee related quality of life)  
  • Exclusion criteria - full thickness associated collateral ligament injury, chrondral defects and past medical history to that knee i.e WORSE KNEE INJURIES
  • GREATER number of meniscal injuries 50 (delayed group)  compared to 40  (early group). Number of partial resections 26 (delayed) compared to 5 (early group) - THEREFORE a potential increased risk of meniscal injury in the delayed group
  • Delayed group - you will have to participate in rehabilitation twice thus more costly in Australian private system 
  • 50% at 5 years avoided surgery 
  • No unnecessary risk of surgery and complications
  • ? % of clinical adapters post surgery i.e. playing sport at a lower level or not competing in change of direction sport
  • Surgical expense - 80% private in Australia
  • For no significant outcome in functional scores or radiographic osteoarthritis 
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